How to be a Super Conversation Student(1)       No.9


People like me who have taught a lot of students over the years have met all types.
After meeting hundreds(thousands?) of students of English in Japan, it has become easy to see which types are best, and will succeed.
So here are some tips to help you be a Super English Student and to avoid being the kind of student that teachers hope to avoid!

■ Want to Learn. Whether it's English, computer skills or a sport, one thing is always important: The desire to learn.  In Japan, unfortunately some students must learn for their work, it's not their choice, and they actually may dislike English.  In such a situation, just try to make the best of it by finding something about language learning which is either useful or fun, and focusing on that.

■ Don't Try to Learn Too Hard.  Some students believe more is better, and blieve if they study intensely, they can be fluent soon.  Well, maybe not.  Learning a new language will takes time.  So try not to have too high expectations and then become frustrated.  Pace yourself just like running a marathon.  (G.K)

英会話お役立ち表現 9
over the years   何年にも渡り
tip        秘訣・情報
more is better  多ければ多いほど良い

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