America's regions / areas (4)


Over the past 30 years, many of the larger new American companies began on the West Coast.  Examples include Apple, Google, Microsoft,Facebook and Intel.  Note that we never say "the West" or "the western side" or "western United States".  Always say "the west coast".

The Midwest

This is the center or middle of the United States.  We never say "central America", "the center of America", or the "middle of America".
We always say "Midwest".  The states in this region include Oklahama, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas.  These states are very flat and are therefore good for farming.  Most of America's food is grown here.
There are not many large cities and this area usually has a rural (not-city) feeling to it.  This part of America is sometimes in the news due to its large tornadoes that cause a big amount of damage every year.  
This area of the United States is very rarely visited by Japanese tourists, however it would be wonderful for anyone who likes nature and who is afraid of the big cities that can sometimes be dangerous for foreigners.                    (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その146
over the past 30 years              過去30年以上
Note that 〜           〜ということに注目する
therefore good for farming          それ故、農業に適している
a rural feeling                 田園(田舎)の雰囲気
tornadoes that cause 〜     〜を引き起こすたつ巻

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