Summer in the Golden State (2)


In Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, etc.) temperatures are typically higher compared to Northern California (San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, etc.)
Therefore, beaches in Southern California are more crowded and popular among locals, surfers, and tourists.
Some common clothing worn during the summer are shorts, tank tops, loose-fitting dresses, and sandals of course !
In the Northern part, especially San Francisco, people may find it surprising that it is very different compared to its Southern counterpart.  For example, summer in San Francisco can be very chilly and misty, so don't forget to bring a light jacket, a simple scarf, and even possibly a beanie.
Don't worry, cold chilly days do not happen every day.  Summer in both Southern and Northern California is never humid, so you can enjoy long pleasant days under the sun of the Golden State.                           (C.P)

お役立ち英会話表現 その148
compared to 〜        〜と比べて
among locals                  地元民の間で
clothing worn during 〜    〜の間に着られる衣服
loose-fitting                 ゆったりとした
counterpart                  (対応する)相手
beanie                       帽子

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