Email and Internet Acronyms (1)


Have you ever gotten an email from a native English speaker that is full of letters that look like a secret code ?
In a way, it is a code.  These letters are acronyms (shorter forms of words using letters, ex: ASAP)
They are often used nowadays by people on line or in their emails.   The reason ?  Typing a few letters instead of the complete word saves time !

A famous example are the letters + numbers " CUL8R " often found at the end of an email or SMS.   It means " see you later.."  ( say the letters out loud to see what I mean.)
Another one is " 2 moro " to mean  "tomorrow".               (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その149
acronym                    頭文字をつなげた言葉
ASAP                   As Soon As Possible の acronym
CUL8R                 "See You Later" の acronym
SMS                   " Short Message Service " の短縮形

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