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I was so psyched-up.  Leonardo had fired up my imagination to the point that I began to catch frogs, anesthetize them and then dissect them while they were still alive.
I watched in awe as their tiny hearts beat, lub dub, lub dub, lub dub...  I made frantic sketches of their internal organs.  With colored pencils, I filled in the many red and pink hues which made up the majority of color of the heart and circulatory system.
Here and there, as I peered intently into this colorful cavity, I could find dollops of orange, or yellow among the intestines and some pastel purple in the stomach area.  Oh this was science.  This was biology.  And oh yes, this was art too !  This was da Vinci !  And I was still a kid on the verge of puberty.  But my doors of interest were opening.  I had begun to tap into the pool of knowledge and I would continue to do so.  I wanted so much to be like the universal man.  In fact, I have dedicated my life to this quest.                         (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その155
psyched up                    興奮する
to the point that 〜     〜するくらいまで
anesthetize         麻酔をかける
dissect                    解剖する
in awe                      畏敬の念で
internal organs             内臓
dollop                かたまり
on the verge of 〜      〜するところ、〜に瀕している
puberty            思春期  
dedicate 〜                  〜を捧げる
quest               探究

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