How to be a Super Conversation Student(2)       No.10


■ Prepare on Your Own   Nowadays, everybody's busy and it's sometimes hard to find time to study at home.  Still, if you can just find a few minutes a day to look at the next exercise in your textbook or to think about an interesting topic you'd like to talk about, it will help you a lot.  Watching DVDs in English is also helpful.

■ Ask Questions.  Asking questions is the best way both to learn something and to keep the conversation moving.  Even native speakers are advised to ask questions to get to know someone better when meetin for the 1st time.

■ Try to Talk.   For teachers, the most difficult lessons are the ones in which students don't speak very much. It's also not so good to react to what the teacher says with very short answers such as 'I see.' , 'Uh-huh.' or 'Oh.'  In such cases, in real life and in the lesson, a converstion will soon finish. Some students have a good level, but are shy to actually use their English.  So, people should

■ Have Confidence.  The more you use your English, the better it will get.  Don't worry too much about making mistakes.  Native speakers won't get angry if they see you're really trying.

So,if students of English follow these recommendations they will soon be a super conversation student and able to do many more things in life!   (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 10
on your own   自分で
nowadays  近頃は
have confidence  自信を持つ

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