Talking about the weather in English


Firstly, the weather is almost always called "the weather".  Here are some examples below:

  How is the weather today ?
  The weather in Brazil is warm all year.
  The weather tomorrow will be cold so bring a coat.
  I do not like the weather in Seatle.  It is always rainging there!

In order to ask about the weather here are some useful expressions:

  What is the weather today ?
  What is the weather like today ?
  How's weather outside ?
  What's it like outside today ?
  How's it outside now ?

All of these expressions are asking about the temperature / weather now.

For good weather we usually use the word "nice".

  Question: How is the weather today ?
  Answer: It's really nice today.

We often end sentences talking about the weather with the words "out" or "outside", when you are talking inside a building.

For example, if someone asks you about the weather you can say: "It's raining out now."

お役立ち英会話表現  その156
firstly              まず第一に  cf. secondly, thirdly
almost always         ほとんどいつも
all year              一年中
end sentences talking about 〜   〜について話して文を終わらせる

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