Dividing America (2)


    New England

From this name, you can see that this region is very old and some its most famous cities are from the time when the British ruled America.  This part of the United States, also sometimes called "the Northeast", attracts many tourists because of its beautiful scenery and the city of Boston, which is the oldest large city in the United States.

This part of the United States is generally cold and its most popular sport is ice hockey.  During the winter time you can see people skating and playing hockey on frozen lakes in small towns.
The only large city in New England is Boston, and Boston is not super big.  Boston is famous in American history and it has many interesting sites related to America's early history.

New England is also famous for being home to the largest concentration of excellent universities in the world.
Yale University, Harvard University, M.I.T., Cornell University and Boston University, among at least a dozen others great colleges and universities, call New England home.

           The Deep South

The "deep" south refers to the very far south.  This area includes Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and sometimes also Texas.  This area has a lot of race problems (problems between the local black and white populations) and is one of the poorest regions of the United States.
The only reason a Japanese person would want to visit this area is if they have an interest in blues and jazz music.  In this case, New Orleans, locateed in the state of Louisiana, would be a fun stop for you.                  (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その158
region                     地域
the time when 〜      〜する時
related to 〜       〜に関連した
concentration of 〜    〜が集中している
at least                    少なくとも
race problems               人種問題
a fun stop                  立ち寄って楽しいところ

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