Gym Membership (2)


After you decided on a gym, it's time to finally get off that tiny-but-comfortable couch and start burning off that yummy tonkatsu ramen from last night's late dinner.

There are various activities you can do at that gym.  For example, you can lift weights if you want to gain some muscles.  You can join a class which offers aerobics, yoga, or pilates.  You can do some cardio and go on the treadmills, stationary bicycles, ellipticals, or any other of the various equipments.

When you finished your workout, treat yourself to a nice hot shower.  You deserve it.       (C.P)

お役立ち英会話表現 その162
decide on 〜        〜について決める
get off tiny-but-comfortable couch          "couch potato" をやめる
burn off                カロリーを消費させる
yummy                   おいしい(delicious)
Pilates                 ピラーティーズ式体操
Cardio                  心臓を強くする運動(activities geared toward keeping the heart strong)
Elliptical             運動器具 (exercise machine, like riding a bicycle but standing up)
treadmill               ランニングマシーン
stationary bicycle       エアロバイク
You deserve it.      それぐらい(ご褒美として)してもよい

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