Smoking Words (2)


To light or light up, or fire up - to light a cigarette.

It might be too obvious, but a person who doesn't smoke is called a non-smoker.

   Passive smoke - smoke from another person's cigarette, which a non-smoker may have to breathe in.  Also "2nd hand smoke".

In the USA, passive smoke is considered just as dangerous as the smoke a person who is a smoker breathes intentionally.

   To puff on a cigarette - to smoke it.  We also say "take a puff" on a cigarette...

   Smoke-free - describes a place which contains no smokers or in which smoking is not allowed.

   To smoke like a chimney - to smoke very much.  A "chimney" is the part of a house in which the smoke from an inside fireplace escapes the house (or from which Santa Clause comes in)

   Smoke like a fiend also describes a heavy smoker.
   A lung rocket = a cigarette

So if you choose to smoke, watch out which way your second-hand smoke is "blowing".                     (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その164
too obvious                 分かり切っている
passive smoke          受動喫煙
to breathe in               吸い込む
intentionally               分かっていて
smoke-free                  喫煙禁止
smoke like a fiend          喫煙常習

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