Why Do Americans Have So Many Guns ? (2)


Gun groups like The National Rifle Association (NRA) say that the US Constitution guarantees that all Americans have the right to own a gun.

The US Constitution, however, was written over 200 years ago when there was a risk of attack by other countries, outlaws or Indians, so owning a gun might be necessary.

In the news there are always stories of mass shootings in the USA, or so it seems.  Actually the number of killings by guns has been falling steadily since a peak the 1990s, and is now about 11,000 people a year. (15,000,  20 years ago)
Still, a lot of people die by guns every year...

It is too easy to buy a gun in America.  If we buy a pistol from a gun shop, they check our background and our ID, and if we are not a criminal, we can get the gun in five days or less.
However, if we buy the gun from another person in a private sale, there is no check !   This is a big problem...

So why do Americans who aren't criminals like guns ?   There is a feeling of power in firing a gun, and a feeling of accomplishment in hitting a target or killing wild game (animals) which might provide food for us.  Also, some people feel a sense of security in being able to protect themselves and their home.                      (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その166
the US Constitution                      アメリカ合衆国憲法
outlaw                                無法者、犯罪者
mass shooting                         (無差別)発砲事件
so it seems                           そういうイメージがある
fall steadily                         着実に減る
in a private sale                      個人売買で
wild game                             野生の獲物(動物)

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