School in the United States  Part 1 (1)


School is a large part of any country's culture.  It is where we spend a big period of time during our younger years.  It influences our personalities and changes who we are.

When talking with Americans, it is okay to ask their schooling.  If you are looking for a topic for "small talk" with an American co-worker or in a business or travel situation, school is generally a safe topic to use.  Here is some vocabulary to help you in your discussions:

Elementary School - Usually from the ages of 7 to 12.

Middle School / Junior High School - 12 to 15 years old.  Some parts of the country use the word middle school while other parts of America say Junior high school or, more commonly, just "junior high".  Everyone understands both words so either is okay to use.                    (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その167
It is where 〜             そこが〜するところ
It changes who we are                 私たちを変える
schooling                             学校教育
more commonly                         普通は、より一般的には

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  • 吉祥寺
  • 池袋西口
  • 池袋東口
  • 新宿西口
  • 新宿南口
  • 渋谷
  • 渋谷宮益坂
  • 銀座三丁目
  • 銀座四丁目
  • 神田
  • 東京八重洲
  • 五反田
  • 横浜