School in the United States  Part 1 (2)


High School - 15 to 18 years old

College / University - These are the same thing and refer to the years of 18 to 22 approximately.

Graduate School - Itis more common to say "grad school", though in formal situation we always say "graduate school".  This refers to the years after university, including law school and business school.

Doctoral Studies - This is the level of study after grad school when someone becomes a doctor in their subject.  This generally refers to research degree.  If someone went to medical school, just use the words medical school.  However, if they studied medicine and they are not hospital doctor but only a rearcher, then ask them this: "Where did you do your doctorate ?  or "Where did you do your doctoral studies ?"                           (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その168
approximately                       おおよそ
graduate school                     大学院
doctoral studies                    博士課程
medical school                      医学部

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