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Over the years, I delved into various subjects, covering a wide area of disciplines, science (especially bilogy), math (especially geometry), social studies, geography, history, archaeology, the ancient mysteries, astronomy, astrology, numerology, the occult, Nostradamus, Shakespeare, philosophy, languages, art-history (especially the Rennaisance, and in particular the Italian painters and sculptors during the 15th and early 16th centuries).

As time went by, I became a certified, professional E.S.L teacher.  I became a professional artist-illustrator.  I use the word "professional" for two reasons.  One, because we have a saying in English about people who are talented and can do many things (superficially perhaps).
We say, " A Jack of all trades, but a master at none."   This is a rather negative statement, meaning that the person can really do many different jobs, but it also means that the person is not a professional at the job he or she is doing.  It also suggests that it might be better for a person to take on one job seriously; to spend years studying and working at the same job to get the credentials and proper experience to master that trade.  Only then can this person be called a "professional".                          (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その169
over the years                   何年もの間
delve into 〜          〜を徹底的に調べる
geometry                幾何学
archaeology                     考古学
astronomy                       天文学
astrology                       占星術(学)
numerology                      数占い
as time went by                 月日が流れて
certified                       免許を持った、正式な
take on one job                 一つの仕事に専念する
credential                      信用できる実績、経歴

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