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These mediums transcend stereotyped xenophobia, bigotry, right-wing patriotism and race color consciousness.  We truly are the world and my cafe-bar had become a magnet drawing people from every corner.
This was an extension of combining all of my professional talents and people skills and concentrating them into one place.

My quest to bemome the universal man had opened so many interesting doors and had led me to "Vic's".  It was there that I had picked up a guitar and learned a few chords.  It was there I had met some of the best foreign and Japanese musicians.
They helped me considerably in putting together my own band, "The East Village Band".  We did a lot of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground cover, as well as some classic rock and some R and B.                    (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その171
medium                       媒体、仲介役
transcend                    超越する
stereotyped xenophobia       よくある外人嫌い
bigotry                       偏狭さ(島国根性)
right-wing patriotism         右翼的な愛国思想
race color consciousness       人種意識
from every corner             あらゆる所から
quest                         探索、探し求めること
R and B                       リズムアンドブルース

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