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I also had hooked up with 2 Aussie musicians, and together we did a lot of Dylan, Donovan, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and the Doors.  I did the vocals and hit some chords on the guitar sometimes.

Of course, I had learned the bar business inside and out.  I was the owner, the bartender, the bouncer and one of the entertainers.  Multi-tasking is a significant part of being the universal man.  Leonardo would agree with me on this most important point.

To be able to function professionally in various, sometimes unpredictable situations can make all the difference between total success, or ultimate failure with your project.  Coordinating and utilizing one's talents correctly and consistently builds confidence and courage.                         (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その172
hook up with 〜        〜と結びつく
inside and out                裏表、隅から隅まで
bouncer                       用心棒
multi-tasking                 一人何役もこなす
unpredictable                 予想外の
coordinating and utilizing one's talents         才能を最大限に活用する     

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