Green Smoothies (1)


In America, green smoothies are becoming increasingly popular - not only for beauty reasons but for health reasons too !
People usually drink the smoothies for breakfast, however, you can also drink it during lunch or even have it for dinner.  There's no wrong time for drinking green smoothies.

If you don't know what green smoothies are, they are health shakes that mix fruits and green raw leafy vegetables.  
To make the shake or smoothies, you use a high-speed blender.
Any fruits and leafy vegetables are good to use, so you can make it any way according to your taste buds.
For a healthy balanced flavor, health nutritionists recommend a ratio of about 40% fruits and 60% leafy greens.

In the end, because of the leafy vegetables, the color is usually green - that is why many people call it 'green smoothies".                           (C.S)

お役立ち英会話表現 その173
smoothie                    スムージー(飲み物)
shake                      ミルクセーキ
leafy vegetable             葉物野菜
blender                     ミキサー
taste buds                  味覚の芽(味の好み)
nutritionist                栄養士
ratio                      配分
in the end                  結局

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