Using Euphemisms (1)


Sometimes in English (and other languages too). a word or phrase is too direct or might be offensive to some people.

In such cases we would probably use a Euphemism.  These words or phrases are more vague in meaning or milder than the original.

A good example is saying "passed away" instead of "died".  There are other euphemisms for "died"; passed on, gone to the other side, or simply "passed".

Because sex is a hot or offensive topic for some, there are a lot of euphemisms for sex; "get it on" , "make love", make whoopie", "going all the way", "sleeping together", and many more.                             (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その176
euphemism                      婉曲表現、遠回しな
offensive                      不快な、攻撃的な
vague                          曖昧な、はっきりしない
pass away                      死ぬ(die)
whoopie                        叫び声(whoop)

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