Trick or Treat ! (2)


Several other celebrations or holidays including the Celtic Samhain and Autumn harvest festivals were all joined together into the one day we know as Halloween.

In old Ireland, people would dress up as ghosts and monsters to disguise themselves from the real ghosts wandering on that night.
People would also leave offerings outside their homes of food and gifts to make the spirits happy so that they wouldn't bother humans.

This is how the tradition of "Trick or Treating" - giving candy or treats to children dressed as monsters - started.

Althogh our modern type of Halloween has been with us for about 1,000 years, the tradition may be actually 6,000 years old !

Halloween is the biggest money-making holiday in the U.S. for business, except for Christmas (The number 1 commercial holiday).

Other countries have similar holidays: Mexico has the Day of the Dead, featuring a lot of skelton images, and China has Teng Chieh, the lantern festival, which is similar to Japanese O-bon festival.

Happy Halloween !                            (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その179
Celtic Samhain               ケルト人の祭り(11月1日)
Autumn harvest festival         秋の収穫祭
all joined together into 〜   全て一緒になって〜になる
disguise                         変装する
wandering on that night          その夜にさまよっている
offerings                        お供え物
money-making                     お金儲けの

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