School in the United States  Part 2 (1)


When asking someone what school they attended, never use the word "attend", unless it is a very formal situation.  Instead, 95% of the time we say: "Where did you go to university / grad school / middle school / ect ?"
Once again, for doctoral students, you can say, "Where did you do your doctorate ?"

Elementary school, middle school and high school are divided into 12 grades.  We use ordinary numbers when talking about these grades, so always say first, second, third... tenth grade, ect.  We never say "level" or "class".  Similarly, a student in their second to last year would say, "I'm a junior,"  "I am in my junior year", or "I am in the eleventh grade."

The words freshman and senior have spread to other area of society.  For example, a freshman is a first year employee in a company.  On the other hand, a senior employee is an employee who has been with the company for many years and is near retirement age.                          (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その180
grad school                      大学院
middle school                    中学
once again                       もう一度(言うと)
second to last year              最終学年の一つ前
on the other hand                一方
retirement age                   定年

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