School in the United States  Part 2 (2)


Note that British people use the word "college" to talk about high school.  The area of education is one part of the English language in which British and American English use very different vocabulary.  
When speaking with a British speaker, expect them to say "levels" instead of "grades" and never use the words "freshman", "sophomore" or "senior".

Private school vs. Public school - The American school system is basically divided into two big areas - private and public schools.
You can ask an American if they "went to private or public school" and they generally will not be shy to answer your questions.  Public schools in America have many problems and often do not have enough money.  Most American businessman and workers you will meet in Tokyo went to private schools and are usually (though not always !) from middle -class families or wealtier in the United States.  We refer to public schools / universities as "public education system".                           (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その181
note that 〜            〜に注意する
sophomore               2年生 
not shy to 〜            ためらわずに〜する
refer to 〜                          〜に言及する                    

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