NFL (1)


The most popular sport in the United States is not baseball or basketball.  It is football.
Although for most of the world "football" means a sport where 2 teams try to kick a black and white ball around with their feet, in the United States football is a sport where a brown ball is thrown around with the hands / arms and not kicked with the feet.

Same name, but in different countries it refers to a completely different sport.  American football is almost only ever played in America.  Most foreigners do not understand the rules of the game and they are difficult to explain because the rules are very different from most other sports.  They are a little similar to rugby but other sports have little in common with football.                  (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その183
a sport where 2 teams 〜      二つのチームが(その中で)〜するスポーツ   * where は関係副詞
have little in common with 〜     〜とはほとんど共通性がない

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