NYC English (1)       No.11


One of the most popular places for Japanese (and other countries') tourists to visit is New York City.  The city itself has a lot of good things to experience, but understanding the English used by the people there can sometimes be difficult.  
For example, native New York people seem to speak faster than people from California or Hawaii.  Some people think this is due to the fact that life in NYC is fast-paced, so the language follows this.
Another problem is that each of New York's major areas has its own unique accent, and added to that are all the accents brought by the immigrants from many countries who now live there.

For many years, Jewish-American have lived in NYC and added a lot of unique words to the language; "Schmuck" (an idiot), "to schlep" (to drag yourself or something to some place), and "mensch" (a good person) and many other such words.
People from the area of Brooklyn in the city have the immage of pronouncing "th" in words as a "d" sound, such as "dat" instead of "that", or "dese" instead of "these", but that seems to be changing.   (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 11
for example   例えば
due to 〜  〜のせいで
instead of 〜  〜の代わりに

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