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I started writing songs at Vic's.  I had an old YAMAHA acoustic guitar and I would spend hours before opening, strumming, picking chords; pausing, writing down words, rhyming them, timing them...

From this point, I will include some of these songs.  Many of them were eventually performed by myself, or by other musicians who played regularly "live" at Vic's.

I ran Vic's for 7 years.  Then I sold it and opened "The New York Station", another cafe-bar, which was an expanded, even more eclectic version of Vic's.
While doing "Vic's Cafe' and 'The New York Station", I also continued with my teaching, art, and acting careers.  Next time you are at TSUTAYA, check out "Sailor Moon", episodes #17 and #18.  I play the priest.  While you are at it, rent "Godzilla, Final Wars", too.                 (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その185
I would spend hours                   何時間も過ごしたものだ
strum                     (楽器を)つま弾く
rhyme                      詩を作る、韻を踏ませる
run                        経営する
expanded                   拡大された
eclectic                   取捨選択された
acting career              俳優生活
play the priest            牧師を演じる

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