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     Broken Heart

I'm tired of these lonely nights
These whiskey bars and neon lights
There's a nameless angel, at my side
Going to take me home, for a desperate ride...

You let me dangle from your golden chain
A Scorpion charm, spinning in the rain
When it tangled, you tore it apart
Scorpion sting and this broken heart
Severed string and this broken heart

'Cause I still love you !
'Cause I still love you !
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I gave you my smile, you gave me your frown
I picked you up, but you put me down

One way love can make you insane
It can pierce your heart, It can give you pain
Love shredded sheets, scattered on the floor
Not a tear in your eye, when you closed the door...      (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その186
song lyrics                  歌詞
broken heart                 失恋
tired of 〜         〜に飽き飽きしてる
desperate                    絶望的な
dangle                       ぶら下がる
scorpion charm               さそりの魅力(魔力)
tangle                       もつれる、からまる
tear apart                   引きはがす、もぎり取る
sever                        切断する
frown                        眉をひそめる
put me down                  私を絶望させる

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