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Torn sheets, Shelley or Keats ?
and a broken heart... yeah, yeah

Remember the time you said, we'd never part
We were Rick and Ilsa from the very start
Now, it's only me and Sam, having a shot

Torn sheets, shelley or keats
and a broken heart

This ain't  no cure for a broken heart
Only your love can mend this broken heart
yeah, yeah, yeah

Some notes on the lyrics of this song to help you understand the story being told.

First of all, this song rather obviously describes a broken love relationship.  The title is "Broken Heart", so just from this, we know that one of them is very unhappy because of the split-up.                    (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その187
torn                          引き裂く(tearの過去分詞)
Shelley            シェリー(英国抒情詩人)
Keats             キーツ(英国ロマン派詩人)
have a shot                   一杯飲む
cure                          癒し
mend                          治す
the story being told           (今)語られている話
split-up                       別れ

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