Government Shutdown (1)


A big news story now in the United States is the government shutdown.  This story can affect the Japanese economy so it's important to understand what is going on in America at the moment.

If you have read the news recently you have seen that the US Government has shut down.  This is not completely true.  In fact, approximately one third of all government workers (the workers who are not seen as completely necessary) are not getting paid.  So, it is really a partial shutdown.  The one third of these workers can choose to go to work or to stay home but they will not receive money.

The reason the government shut down is that every year America passes a budget and that this year the Republican Party (Barack Obama is in the Democratic Party) decided that they wanted a specific health care law to stop.                        (C.P)

お役立ち英会話表現 その191
affect                       影響を与える
at the moment                今現在
in fact                      実際
approximately                おおよそ
one third                    3分の1
workers who are not seen as 〜   〜と思われてない労働者
pass a budget                予算を通す
specific                     特定の

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