Government Shutdown (2)


They are saying that they will not agree on a budget unless the healthcare law, known as Obamacare is completely stopped or delayed for one year.
The Democrats say they want the law and the Republicans say they do not want the law.  This means that the budget will not pass soon.

With so many government workers not in their jobs, it will affect the U.S. economy a lot.  When 800,000 workers immediately stop working, this is a big problem for the economy.  This also means that many basic services will be worse because less workers will be helping the public.  Police departments, fire departments, and many other parts of the government have been effected.

Obamacare - A new law that changes the health care (hospital and doctor) system of the United States.  It gives health care to poorer people.                 (C.P)

お役立ち英会話表現 その192
agree on a budget                   予算に同意する
known as 〜             〜として知られている
with 〜               〜の状態では
affect                              影響する、はね返る

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