NYC English  (2)       No.12


 Some strange grammar errors are unique to New York: saying "being" instead of "because".  ("being it was cold, I wore my coat.")  Also, "if" is often not used in dependent clauses, as in "I wanted to find out would he go", instead of "if he would go".
Another odd NYC phrase is to say "wait on line" instead of "wait in line" as most other Americans would say "I had to wait in line for 2 hours to get movie tickets."
An expression which was old but became popular again in recent years is "forget about it!" (pronounced as "fuhgeddaboutit") and meaning either "it's no trouble at all" or "No way!" depending on the situation.

As New Yorkers do speak quickly, they often push words together in a way that's hard to understand.  A good example is "Jeet ?" which you might be surprised to learn is actually the words "did you eat?" pronounced New York style.  A similar word is "Jever", which means "did you ever?"
So, the next time you visit "Noo Yawk", just try to be patient and don't worry to much if at first you can't easily catch what some people say.  There are many other foreign visitors to the "Big Apple" who feel the same way, but eventually they get it...   (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 12
No way !  まさか  絶対(ダメ、違う、etc) 
Big Apple  New York の別称

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