What is "Old English" ? (1)


Did you know that the language called "old English" was very different from modern English ?  
Even native speakers of the English we use today would probably understand very little of a text written in the old language.

To be brief, the people later known as English people in the country later called Britain were called "Angles" at first, and as they had come from a part of Germany, their language was a kind of west Germany language.

The Angles called the language they spoke "Englisc" which became "English" later.  This language was a mix of their original language, plus the Latin used by Irish priests, plus new words.

The Alphabet of English was also very different at first, being made up of Germanic "runes" or picture-letters.  This is mainly because the Saxons (people of old Germany)and Vikings who later invaded England, use this  sytem.                     (G.K)                   

お役立ち英会話表現 その195
understand very little                 ほとんど理解出来ない
to be brief                     簡単にいえば
Angle                          アングル族
priest                神父
invade                               侵略する

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