What is "Old English" ? (2)


Some old English words are not completely strange.  The old English word for the modern word "welcome" was "wilcume".

But other words were quite different.  "my sister" would be "sweoster min" in old English.  "yes" was "giese" in the old language.  "nese" was our "no".

"friend" in modern English was "leof".
Want to say thank you in old English ?  "ic pe pancas do " is how it was said.  "ic nat" was the old version of our "thank you".  Of course , our "hello" is different too.  It was ic grete pe in the old days.

The old story "Beowulf" was written in old English, but has been translated many times and is now considered to be a classic.

Later, "Middle English" was created and was somewhat closer to our modern English language.

Language always changes, and in the future we can imagine that people will speak a quite differet dialect from now...

お役立ち英会話表現 その196
Beowulf                  (古英語で書かれた叙事詩)
considered to 〜      〜とみなされる
somewhat                   幾分、やや
dialect                    方言

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