Mexico and the United States (1)


Mexico's influence on the United States has been profound (very large and important).  Our two countries share a lot.

We share a long border, we share some of the same rivers and deserts and the same plants and animals.
  We share the same oceans and, especially in the border regions, we share a similar climate and culture.
We also have millions and millions of people who have dual-citizenship (having 2 passports) in both the United States and Mexico.

Spain, and later Mexico, controlled a lot of the United States in the past, including California, Texas (Tejas in Spanish), Arizona, New Mexico (Nuevo Mexico in Spanish).

お役立ち英会話表現 その199
influence on 〜         〜への影響
especially                特に
border regions                   国境を接する地域
millions and millions of 〜   数百万を超える〜
in the past                      過去に

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