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1.lonely   2.whiskey   3.neon   4.nameless   5.desperate   6.dangle   7.chain   8.scorpion   9.spinning   10.tangled   11.tore   12.apart   13.sting   14.broken   15.severed   

16.frown   17.down   18.insane   19.pierce   20.pain   21.shredded   22.scattered   23.tear   24.closed  25.part

Most of these words are used to describe confussion and pain.  Many of them are adjectives.  And as I have mentioned in previous blogs, adjectives are very effective in creating the mood the writer, or storyteller desires.  Not only do adjectives illustrate the atmosphere in the narrative, they also express emotion.  Thus the reader, or listener, can see, feel and become a part of the story.                 (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その201
describe confusion and pain            混乱と苦悩を表現する
adjective                              形容詞
the mood the writer desires            作者が意図する雰囲気
in the narrative                       (小説の)語り部分で
thus                                   このようにして

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