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I chose these two poets for two reasons.  The first was that they were both Romantic poets who died young.  And another reason is because "keats" rhymes with "sheets".  "Torn sheets, Shelley or Keats ?..."  This line drives home the profound sense of loss and the pain of separation.

The other 2 names included are Rick and Ilsa.  These names refer to the main characters who fall in love in the classic American film "Casablanca."   Because of World WarⅡ and a twist of fate, the lovers have to part ways at the end of the movie.

Humphrey Bogart played Rick and Ingrid Bergman played Ilsa.  They were perfectly cast to play those parts and the film has endured as a romantic legend on the silver screen.
Millions of people have seen this tale of romance and adventure and lost love,  There is one more name mentioned, Sam.  Sam is Rick's piano player.  Rick ends up drinking with him after his loss.                     (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その203
drive home the profound sense            深遠な意味を教えてくれる
include                            含む
main character                      主役
twist of fate                      運命のいたずら
perfectly cast                     完璧な配役
endure as 〜            〜として残る

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