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Now that you understand the lyrics of "Broken Heart", and if you have a guitar and know how to play the simple chords accompanying the words, well then, start strumming and start singing.  Have fun !


            D          A      D                        A
She came to me unexpectedly, like a thief does in the night.
         D              A                    D
Some kind of Armageddom in the center of my sight.
       Em            C            Em
What is this ?  Is it rapture ?   Has she come here to
collect ?
  Em                  C
Though this soul has stature, its body is surely wrecked.

                  D                               A
She flew me to her palace, to sit on the crystal throne.
    D                     A                       A
To drink from her magic chalice, made of Chinese dragon

              D                             A
What was it in that potion to make me feel this way ?
        Em              C                   Em            A
Like I'm floating in her ocean, what's the price I have to
              D      A
pay ?  Is it my freedom ?                    (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その203
now that 〜             〜なので
strum                             (楽器を)かなでる
unexpectedly                         予想してない
Armageddon                           ハルマゲドン
rapture                              恍惚、よろこび
stature                              身体
chalice                              聖杯

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