Las Vegas (1)


There is an expression in English that goes: " What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas. "

What this means is that any activities that are done in Las Vegas should not be told later on to people who did not travel to Las Vegas with you because the activities you did there were not good ones - gambling, drinking, and partying.  

In other words, these activities in Vegas should be a secret.  This is a very common expression that can be used to apply to any situation.  For example: " What happens at McDonald stays in MacDonalds. "

This could be a joke that refers to some embarrassing event such as you spilling a drink on your shirt or maybe to the fact that you ate too much and you do not want anyone to know that you ate 5 cheeseburgers.                 (C.S)

お役立ち英会話表現 その204
an expression that goes 〜       〜という表現
What happens in Las Vegas                ラスベガスで起こったことは
later on                                 のちのち
in other words                           言い換えれば
apply to 〜               〜に応用する
spill a drink                            飲み物をこぼす

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