Las Vegas (4)


Another positive reason to visit Las Vegas is the many shows that it has such as Cirque Du Soleil, an amazing modern circus that plays every night.

There are other acts, as well, such as Beatles Love, a show involving all of the Beatles big hits, and Penn and  Teller, a show where two men do tricks with animals - similar to a small circus.

There are also famous musicians who play in Las Vegas such as Celine Dion, Tom Jones and others.  When many families go to Las Vegas together, they make sure to go to shows every night.  These shows are good for families and have added another cleaner and family-friendly activity for couples who come to Las Vegas with their young children.

* world-renowned    This means one of the best or better of its kind in the world.  For example, you can see Tokyo is world-renowned for its sashimi.

* Ethnic cuisine / restaurant     This means foreign but of a group of people who are not common in your home country.  In the U.S., ethnic cuisine would be considered Indian, most African cuisine and Arab food.

* Set you back     This means that it will cost you X dollars/yen.  Here is an example: " Eating sushi in Ginza may set you back 20,000 yen.  It's not a cheap place to eat sushi so please be careful where you go."                (C.S)

お役立ち英会話表現 その207
such as 〜         〜のような
as well                     同様に
act                         公演、出し物
do tricks                   芸(曲芸)をする
make sure to 〜       必ず〜する

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