T-Shirt & Bumper Sticker Sayings (1)


Americans have opinions about many things, and love to share them with others.
And because people in the U.S. often drive, and usually dress casually, bumper stickers on cars and words written on T-shirts are good ways to show someone's opinion.

A "bumper sticker" is a decal strip placed on a car's front (or more often) rear bumper, with words written in large letters so that others can easily read them.

Although most of these sayings or "slogans" can be displayed on both T-shirts or bumper stickers, some are unique to cars.

For example, the phrase "Honk if you love (,,,,.)" is a often seen, honk being a verb used to describe sounding the car's horn (klaxon).  The words which can be used following "if you love ....." in the above example are endless, to reflect the driver's taste.                           (G.K)

英会話お役立ち表現 その208
love to share with others            人と共有したがる
good ways to 〜           〜するのに良い方法
decal strip                          細長いステッカー
so that can 〜            〜出来るように
unique to 〜             〜に特有の
honk                                 クラクションを鳴らす
reflect 〜                           〜を反映する 

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