50 years ago: The shooting of JFK (2)


Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas while riding in an open car with his wife.  From this point the controversy begins.

An American with communist sympathies, Lee Harvey Oswald, was arrested soon for the shooting, but there are many questions about his guilt.  And when he himself was killed soon after by a low-level nightclub owner, Jack Ruby, suspicions arose.

Some witnesses in Dallas said they saw gunmen on the "grassy knoll" (a grass covered area) in front of the president, not behind, where Oswald was.  The famous video of the president head being knocked back by the impact of a bullet seemed to confirm this.

The doctors in the hospital where JFK was taken gave conflicting stories about the injuries he had.

There are a lot of strange things about this assassination, and thousands of books have been written giving the author's theory as to who really did it.  The list is almost endless: The CIA (Kennedy had problems with that group)  The Mafia Cubans in the USA, right wing people who hated JFK, and so on...

The place in Dallas where he was shot is now a tourist spot...                                (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その211
controvesy                      論議、物議
communist sympathies            共産主義シンパ
guilt                           罪、有罪
suspicions arouse               疑惑が生じた
witness                         目撃者
knoll                           小山、塚
conflicting                     矛盾する、相容れない
as to 〜            〜について

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