Second-Hand is OK ! (1)


One difference between Japanese and American culture is the way that people perceive "used" items.

To be clear, a used item is something that another bought new and used before we bought it.  Such items are also called "second-hand" or "recycled".

Americans like used things !  We don't mind buying used cars, houses, washing machines, televisions and many other things.  
Furniture items such as beds, cabinets, tables and so on are also often bought used.  (used bed frames are okay but not mattresses, usually)

I should note that in this discussion I'm not talking about very old or "antique" items, which are bought by collectors, and could be very expensive.

From the viewpoint of American people, if something is in quite good condition and is at least fairy clean, there's no reason to spend more money on a new version of the same thing.  (for second-hand clothes, however, they must be clean.)

お役立ち英会話表現 その212
second-hand                   中古
perceive                      知覚する、認識する
to be clear                   はっきりさせる
from the viewpoint of 〜    〜の見地から
at least                      少なくとも

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