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The vocabulary used in "Freedom" is not very difficult.  However, it might be difficult for the reader (listener) to truly understand the content of the story.  Here I will help you.  

Obviously, from the title alone we can assume that this song is about freedom.  Well, yes, this is true.  However, does the main character (the singer) actually have freedom ?  And if he does, why is he afraid of losing it ?  What is causing him this fear ?  

It seems that a woman suddenly appeared in his life.  She came to him completely by surprise and she bewitched him and put a love spell on him.  She used her charm and beauty to weaken him, so that she could totally possess him.  She even wanted his soul.                        (V.C)

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  • 吉祥寺
  • 池袋西口
  • 池袋東口
  • 新宿西口
  • 新宿南口
  • 渋谷
  • 渋谷宮益坂
  • 銀座三丁目
  • 銀座四丁目
  • 神田
  • 東京八重洲
  • 五反田
  • 横浜