Mexico and the United States Continued (2)


The influence of these new immigrants on the U.S. has been big. Today, Mexican restaurants are the most common type of restaurtant in a lot of cities.  Their food has become very popular with all Americans.  Their music is becoming more common in American pop and other genres.  Some of their singers have begun to learn English and sing their songs in English and have had a lot of success with English-speaking Americans.

Many Mexicans stayed in the United States and became Mexican-Americans, with full citizenship.  Their children are called Second-generation, or third-generation Americans.  These younger Mexican-Americans make up a large part of the American population and include many famous singers, businessmen/women, athletes and writers.  Most Americans now have a close friend, co-worker or classmate, if not many, who are Mexican or Mexican-American now.           (J.F)

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  • 吉祥寺
  • 池袋西口
  • 池袋東口
  • 新宿西口
  • 新宿南口
  • 渋谷
  • 渋谷宮益坂
  • 銀座三丁目
  • 銀座四丁目
  • 神田
  • 東京八重洲
  • 五反田
  • 横浜