Blondie - America's Sazae-San (1)


Many people in Japan love "Sazae-San", The manga-Anime- live drama (sometimes) that has been a staple of life in this country since 1946.

The Anime especially, showing on Sunday evening, is a heartwarming part of weekly life in Japan.

The characters, most of whom have the names of fish or shellfish, are certainly not "edgy" or satiric like the US cartoon "The Simpsons".
They seem to live in a time warp, and only have minor problems of daily life.  The whole show is comforting for the viewers.

America has a similar comic character, one which is even older than Sazae-San.

"Blondie" was created in 1930 as a newspaper 4-panel comic strip.  The heroin, Blondie Boopadoop was originally a party girl, but after marrying Dagwood Bumstead became a sensible, good-hearted housewife and mother, similar to Sazae-San.                          (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その1

a staple of life               生活に欠かせないもの
heartwarming part of weekly life      1週間でホッとする時
characters                     登場人物
most of whom                   大部分の(登場人物)
shellfish                      貝、甲殻類(エビ、カニ)
edgy                           カッコいい、鋭い、最先端の
satiric                        風刺のきいた、嫌味っぽい
time warp                      時空を超えた
comforting                     心地よい、慰められる
4-panel comic strip            4コマ漫画
party girl                     自由気ままに生きる女性
sensible                       分別のある、賢い
good-hearted                   思いやりのある、親切な

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