Blondie - America's Sazae-San (2)


The comic strip. created by Chic Young, continues to this day now drawn by Young's son Dean and assistants.  It appears in over 2000 newspapers worldwide, and has been translated into many languages, including Japanese.

It is popular for the same reason as Sazae-San; the characters live in a warm comfortable world that changes little over the years.

As in Sazae-San, we see the same visual jokes ("gags") played out again and again.

Dagwood is late for work (often) and crashes violently into the mailman as he rushes out the door.

A lazy man, Dagwood is often interrupted while napping on the sofa by wife, children and neighbors who wander in.

The "Dagwood sandwich", a huge sandwich made by Dagwood for his midnight snacks, has become a real food item in the USA.  
Besides Dagwood and Blondie the comic includes their two children, their dog, neighbors and Dagwood's grumpy boss.

Although there were only 2 animated shows made, there were many Blondie live movies and radio shows from the 1930s to the 1950s.

The reason that Blondie and Sazae-San have remained popular for so many years is that they porvide a "comfort zone" that people need nowadays...                      (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その2
comic strip                   コマ割りの漫画
worldwide                     世界中で
world that chages little      何の変化もない世界
over the years                何年もの間(長期間)
crash into 〜         〜に衝突する
nap on the sofa               ソファーでうたた寝をする
wander                        歩き回る、迷い込む(in)
grumpy                        ぶっちょう顔の、気難しい

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