Christmas Carols (1)


The Christmas season is approaching, (sooner every year, it seems) and during this time, many people enjoy listening to Christmas Carols.

A carol is a type of old song usually connected to Christmas or religious themes, and sometimes using a circle dance.

It is said that the "peak" time of traditional Christmas music was the Middle Ages (1300s - 1500s) when many of the songs we know today were composed, at least the melodies anyway.

There was a revival in the 19th century, and some of the lyrics we sing today were written at this time.

Most of the themes of these songs concern the birth of Jesus Christ and the joy that this event brings.  (Today historians believe Jesus was not born in winter, however)

Some of these songs include "Hark the Herald Angels Sing ","Joy to the World" and "Little Drummer Boy".             (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その3
sooner every year, it seems          近づくのが年々早くなるみたいだ
connected to 〜           〜に関連した
religious themes                     宗教的なテーマ
It is said that 〜          〜と言われている
Middle Ages                          中世
1300s - 1500s                        1300年代〜1500年代
at least the melodies anyway         少なくともメロディーは
historian                            歴史家
hark                                 (古)聴く
the Herald Angels           天使の使者

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