Kentucky at Christmas (1)


Foreigners in Japan are often puzzled as to the reason that Japanese people want to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) at Christmas time.
After all, in America, the birthplace of KFC, people don't usually eat it for a holiday meal.

The story goes that a foreigner came into a KFC shop in Japapn and ordered chicken because he'd been unable to get what he really wanted - Turkey - for his Christmas dinner.

Someone in the company had an idea to market the chicken as a holiday meal ("Christmas = Kentucky") and the concept really took off.

The fact is however, even Turkey is not such a big tradition for Christmas dinner in the US.  After all, less than 4 weeks before Christmas, people have just had a big turkey dinner for Thanksgiving Day and may not want it again so soon.                            (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その5
be puzzled                               はてなと思う
as to 〜                 〜について
after all                                結局(のところ)
The story goes that 〜           〜という話だ
He'd been unable to 〜          彼はずっと〜出来なかった
market the chicken as 〜          〜としてチキンを売り出す
take off                                 離陸する→当たる、ウケる

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