Kentucky at Christmas (2)


Holiday dinners in America may include roast beef, ham, or roast pork as a main dish.   There's a big variation across the country depending on tradition and racial background.

As for KFC itself, it has become the number 2 American fast food chain in the world after McDonald's.

It was the first American chain to enter China in 1987, and China has since become its most profitable market.

The menu varies somewhat in each country according to local tastes.  The "original recipe" fried chicken uses pressure cooking, not deep frying to create its unique taste.

Actually the "11 secret herbs and spices" in its recipe may be only salt, pepper and MSG (Ajinomoto)!
A laboratory study years ago identified only those ingredients, although some recipe detectives insist it also contains paprica spice and sage...

The creator of Kentucky Frid Chicken, Harland Sanders, has become an iconic franchise chracter worldwide even long after his death.

By the way, even though he is known as "Colonel Snders ("colonel" is a military rank), he was never in the military.  Among his innovations are the recipe itself, the well-known side menu, and the idea of selling the chicken in buckets...

Enjoy a "Kentucky" Christmas !                (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その6
depending on 〜            〜によって、〜次第
As for 〜               〜については
somewhat                              多少、幾分
according to 〜           〜に応じて
deep frying                          (揚げ物を)揚げる
herb                                 ハーブ
MSG                                化学調味料 (Mono-Sodium Glutamate)
years ago                          何年も前に
ingredients                        成分、材料
sage                               セージ(香味料)
iconic                             偶像の(に祭り上げられた)

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