New Year's Resolution (1)


In the USA and other countries it is common to make "New Year's Resolutions" at the start of the New Year.

A resolution is something that we "resolve" to do, and it's like a pormise to ourselves.

The new year's resolutions that Americans make could be something serious such as changing our job or something more light heared, like to stop being selfish with the TV remote control.

It's an old practice worldwide to make promises in the New Year.  In the past, such promises were made to the gods. but nowadays people make the promise to themself or their family.

40% of Americans now make a New Year's resolution, but almost 90% of those don't succeed in their promise !

Why ?  Well, it's easy in the dawn of the New Year to believe that a "fresh start" is possible and the promise is usually made in the glow of holiday celebrations.                   (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その8
new year's resolution                   新年の誓い
It is common to 〜           よく(普通に)〜する
resolve to 〜              〜する決心をする
lighthearted                            ノリのいい、快活な
selfish with the TV remote control      チャンネルを人に渡さない
in the past                             昔は
succeed in 〜              〜に成功する
in the dawn of the new year             年の初めに
in the glow of holiday celebrations     新春の高揚の中で

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