New Year's Resolution (2)


Later, though, as we go back to work, and the long, cold winter grinds on, it's easy to lose motivation.  Also, some people make unrealistic promises which are difficult to keep.

For Americans, the following are some of the most popular resolutions: Start an exercise program - Americans are fat and out of shape, and they know this.  Getting more exercise is both healthy and good for emotional health.

Find more time for family - people who are busy often don't see one another as much as they'd like and so would like to spend more time with loved one.

Lose weight - besides getting more exercise, people in the US would like to cut their calories and become thinner.

Reduce personal debt - The average American carries a lot of financial debt, mostly credit cards and mortgages and it's obviously better to reduce this amount.

Quit smoking / drinking - Not many Americans smoke these days, but those that do know that it's an expensive, unhealthy habit.  Drinking too much alcohol also brings health or family problems, and people often need to decrease or stop it.

If you make a New Year's Resolution this year, good luck and try to stick with it !                        (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その9
the long, cold winter grinds on        長く寒い冬が延々と続く
lose motivation                        やる気をなくす
unrealistic promises to keep           実現不可能な誓い
out of shape                           体型がくずれている
one another                            お互いに
spend more time with loved one         愛する人との時間を増やす
besides getting more exercise          運動量を増やすだけでなく
financial debt                         借金
mortgage                               (住宅)ローン
those that do                          煙草やお酒を飲む人
stick with 〜             (あきらめずに)〜を続ける     

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