Global English (1)


Most of the people doing business in the industrialized world can speak English to some extent.  Of course, some of them speak English quite fluently and others may not.
In fact many of them use "broken" English to communicate.  Perhaps they have some grammar issues, such as confusing past and present tenses (very common mistake among non-native speakers)

However, even with these mistakes and even when they forget to use the articles (a, the, an) properly, they are still able to communicate their ideas, to express what they feel and think.  They may even have some pronunciation problems, but for the most part, this doesn't seem to get in the way of saying and expressing what they want to express.  They have confidence and show it.

English is now the global language, "broken" or otherwise.  Each of these countries using English, speak it basically their own way.  Of course English is English, however, it will sound different, depending on what country you find yourself in.                           (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その11
global English                        世界に広がる英語
industrialized world                    工業化された世界
to some extent                          ある程度まで
in fact                                 実際のところ
grammar issues                          文法にかかわる問題
such as 〜               〜のような
article                                 冠詞
for the most part                       大部分において
get in the way of 〜      〜の邪魔をする  
or otherwise                      他の方法であっても

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